What if you got yourself a parrot?


 Mental well-being in a time of crises.

We are going through a difficult period of economic, social and health crises. Many moments that we used to enjoy before, such as international travel, collective celebrations, family reunions, big sports and cultural events, are temporarily unavailable to us.
It is very important to remain calm, keep peace of mind and mental equilibrium during such turbulent times.
If you live in the countryside, with children and pets, then you are in luck.
Many people think that having a large family and pets in a crisis situation is a big disadvantage and creates more problems.
But that’s not entirely true. Understanding that you are responsible for someone who is totally dependent on you gives you tremendous strength and energy in crisis situations.
The simplest example is working single mothers. It’s unbelievable how they manage to do everything and when do they sleep?

Taking care of someone is a psychological help to yourself

In our 21st century, a lot of people live in metropolitan areas. Single people, focused on their careers, not planning to start a family. And often living in small apartments or studios.
Those are the kinds of people who are prone to psychological problems and depression in times of crisis. And yoga, sports, meditation, social networking may not be enough for mental well-being.

The solution is to take care of someone who will be completely dependent on you. And it is not only responsibility for another creature but also positive emotions of companionship.
Very often, singles living in small spaces can not even afford a cat or a small dog. Moreover, pets are usually forbidden in the rental contract.

And what about a parrot?

They come in all sizes, colors, and personalities. You don’t have to walk it outside, neuter it, and it won’t scratch your furniture.
Parrots are great imitators. They are able to reproduce the humming of the washing machine, the melody of the phone, the sound of the doorbell. If you show patience and practice with the bird, it will learn not only to say individual words and phrases but also to repeat sentences in the right order.

small parrot
Teaching your parrot different words is a fun activity and can take your mind off stress and unpleasant thoughts for a long time. And when your bird starts to talk, you are guaranteed happiness and joy.
Many parrot owners claim that their birds understand them and respond meaningfully during conversations. When you buy a parrot, you have a chance to check if it is true.
For a parrot to learn to talk, it is better to keep it alone, without other birds, so that there is a lack of communication, which will encourage the bird to make contact. The secret of learning is simple: practice regularly, say the words emotionally and do not forget to praise and encourage the pet with its favorite treats. Sometimes the best reward for a bird is to scratch its head against its feathers.
The parrot can become a true companion and friend, which will help you cope with depression and easier to endure the turbulence of our time.

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