What are the benefits of Gua Sha?

gua sha

For the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the brain and lungs can be used in ancient Chinese massage Gua Sha. Its effectiveness has been proven in practice, and if the massage rules are followed, side effects are very rare. But how exactly is the massage done? What tools does a master need to perform all the necessary movements? And is it possible to do it yourself at home? What stone is the best for Gua Sha? These questions will be discussed below.

What is Gua Sha massage?

Massage of Gua Sha is a massage technique that is used to treat some human diseases, as well as to remove toxins and slags from the body. A characteristic feature of this technique is the use of special scrapers that are made of silicon, jade, copper, or animal bones. Massage Gua Sha was invented in Ancient China about 2500 thousand years ago, and its effectiveness has been proven by many years of practice. The name “Gua Sha” is translated as follows: “gua” means “scrubbing”, and “sha” means something bad and harmful, so in general the name of this technique can be translated as “scraping harmful substances.

Gua Sha is usually massaged on the back, but if necessary this technique can be extended to the face, neck, arms, legs and other parts of the body. Usually, it is provided in a medical or cosmetic clinic, but if desired, anyone can master this technique on their own, because it includes only three basic movements. It can be used for both therapy and prevention, but in some cases, the technique may be contraindicated. Doctors speak about the procedure quite well, but it should be considered that it does not treat all diseases, so its effectiveness should not be overestimated.

The main advantages of Gua Sha massage compared to other types of massage procedures


1. Simplicity. Only three simple movements are used for treatment, and you can master these movements even at home.

2.  Almost complete versatility. The technique can be used by almost all people – the elderly, adult men and women, children over 10 years old and so on. It can be done even for people with chronic serious illness (although in this case, it is recommended to consult with a doctor in advance).

3.  Good therapeutic effectiveness. Medical research shows that the technique of Gua Sha is well suited for the treatment of lungs and medium to severe musculoskeletal disorders. This technique can also be used to strengthen the cardiovascular system, to remove harmful toxins from the body and so on.

4.  Complete safety in case of compliance with medical rules. During the massage of Gua Sha, there is an impact on special reflexogenic points, which causes a therapeutic effect. If such treatment is carried out correctly, then no side effects will occur.

Therapeutic properties of Gua Sha massage

Scraper massage has the following therapeutic properties:

In case of an influence on reflexogenic points, internal immune processes are activated. This leads to detoxification of the body, which leads to the removal of harmful toxins and slags from the body. These harmful substances appear in the body as a result of eating harmful food, as well as in case of poor environmental conditions. If there are a lot of them in the body, then there is a deterioration of many internal organs. Against toxins, the massage of Gua Sha is very effective, and the detox effect is preserved for 10-15 days.

During a session, the expansion of brain vessels occurs, so this technique can be used to treat mild neurological disorders (headaches, memory impairment, decreased intelligence, fatigue, etc.).

During massaging joints improves lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, so Gua Sha can be used to treat some diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, various osteopathic disorders, etc.), as well as to relieve symptoms of these disorders (back pain, disturbance of joint mobility, inflammation in the area of muscle fibers, etc.). Improved blood circulation also has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system as a whole.

Massaging also affects a number of reflexogenic points that control lung function. If you suffer from any bacterial or viral disorder of the lung system, which is accompanied by swelling and damage to the mucous membrane, then the reflexogenic effect will help to remove toxic mucus from the body.

In case of massage, skin pores are cleaned from dust. This improves appearance, as well as eliminating light wrinkles and pimples.

In what diseases is prescribed massage of Gua Sha

The main indications for massage Gua Sha:

Back pain, which is accompanied by back pain (osteochondrosis, various dorsopathies, etc.). During the massage, inflammation is eliminated, and the regeneration of intervertebral discs is activated, which leads to the disappearance of pain and recovery. The duration of the treatment course is 5-7 sessions.

Infectious diseases of the lung system (acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory infections, bronchitis, etc.). Massage allows improving lung function, which leads to the death of pathogenic viruses and bacteria, which cause these disorders. The duration of the treatment course is not normalized, and the therapy can be carried out until complete recovery (but not more than 15 sessions).

Mild neurological disorders. During the massage, there is an activation of reflexogenic points, which affect the work of the brain. In this case, the impact on the brain is double – a direct impact through the points that are associated with the brain, and indirect, in which the reflexogenic effect is on the spinal cord, which in turn affects the work of the brain. However, note that Gua Sha massage is effective only against mild neurological disorders (concentration disorder, memory problems, insomnia, a slight deterioration of intelligence, etc.). The duration of the therapeutic course is 4-5 sessions.

Some bladder and uterine disorders. Gua Sha massage can also relieve inflammation in the uterus and bladder area, so it can be used to treat cholecystitis and similar disorders. The duration of therapy is 2-6 sessions.

Dermatological disorders of the face skin. Gua Sha massage has also found its application in the field of cosmetology because with its help you can eliminate some facial skin defects (wrinkles, acne, mild irritation, etc.). The duration of therapy is 1-3 sessions.

Side effects, contraindications and special indications

Side effects

. After Gua Sha’s back massage, it is possible that wide red marks may appear on your back, which may be a little painful. The pain is completely gone after 3-4 hours, and redness disappears after about 5-7 days. It should be understood that this reaction is absolutely normal, and redness usually indicates that the activation of reflex points was successful. It is recommended to treat red traces with hydrogen peroxide 2-3 times a day, and in case of pain, you can additionally use various creams with the addition of painkillers. Other side effects are quite rare (0.1-1% of cases); the main examples are dizziness, headache, fatigue, dehydration and so on.


Massage of Gua Sha is not recommended in the following cases – fever, high body temperature, open skin wounds, open bone fractures, renal and liver failure, oncology and others. Please note that at the preliminary stage, the essential oil is often applied to the skin, to which people may be allergic, so it is recommended to pre-test such oil for allergic compatibility with the body.

Childhood and pregnancy. At the age of up to 7 years, the massage of Gua Sha is contraindicated. During pregnancy, the only massage of the face, legs and hands is allowed, because to massage the back of a woman will have to lie on the stomach, which can cause damage to the fetus.

Prior approval by a doctor. It is recommended to consult with a doctor before all necessary procedures are performed.

Gua Sha massage technique

During the Gua Sha massage, the body surface is massaged with a small hard scraper. There are three main movements:


Slow movements with low or medium pressure. Designed for children over 7 years of age as well as people with sensitive skin and/or chronic diseases. Massaging is done only with the help of boo-gua movements.


Average speed with medium or strong pressure. Movements are designed for people with normal skin sensitivity. Pin-boo movements are not suitable for face massage.


Fast movements with strong pressure. Designed for people with coarse skin. Se-Gua movements are not suitable for face massage.


Is it possible to massage Gua Sha at home?

Massage of Gua Sha can also be done at home. However, doctors recommend finishing special massage courses first, because, without full training, a person during the massage of Gua Sha may make various mistakes, which will reduce the effectiveness of the therapy, as well as may harm the body (in case of serious errors).





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