Water For Weight Loss: An Effective Way To Achieve a Slim Figure

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 Water for weight loss

Many nutritionists authoritatively claim that water is the sure key to getting rid of extra pounds. And this is difficult to argue because it does not contain calories and is actively involved in the reduction of body fat. waterfall

The positive effect of water on the human body

As you know, 75% of the human body consists of water. It is water that makes up the bulk of the volume of organs, and even in the bones, its content is 28%. Without this vital fluid, chemical reactions in our bodies could not have occurred. In the case of thirst, it is necessary to immediately satisfy the body’s need until it gives an alarm. Headache, heartburn, discomfort in the joints and much more can be an unpleasant messenger of problems due to lack of water.

Within 3 days, the moisture deficit is compensated on its own – first the body takes water from the cell fluid, and then the bloodstream is used. If the body does not regularly receive the right amount of moisture, the saving mode is activated. With it, only the most important organs will be provided with water: the heart, brain, lungs, liver and kidneys, and the intestines, joints, and skin will not be able to function normally.

People are accustomed to attributing vitamin deficiency, stress, or severe fatigue to the causes of malaise. However, most often a person simply does not have enough water, and his organs cannot work fully:water


* The function of the liver is to protect the body from the damaging effects of harmful substances. It is for this purpose that the body converts toxins into a water-soluble form and successfully removes it. With a normal water balance, this process proceeds better and with less time, which prevents various diseases from developing.
* The kidneys are needed to filter all the fluids in the body. When you consume enough water with urine, not only salt but also other toxic substances are excreted. If to reduce receptions of drinking, toxins in the body will linger. Urine will form in smaller quantities, but with a higher concentration. This will create serious difficulties in the work of the kidneys.
* Lymph plays an important role in the smooth operation of our body. It is lymph that utilizes all the harmful substances that enter the bloodstream. Dead cells and other waste products are collected in the lymph nodes, where the fluid is filtered. Processing then continues in the liver and kidneys. Without maintaining the necessary water balance, this complex process will fail.
* When there is less lubrication, the friction between the joints increases, which leads to arthritis. Few people know that its real cause is chronic dehydration. Healthy cartilage should contain a large amount of water – only under this condition the joints will not be seriously damaged as a result of friction.

*  Sports require the consumption of large amounts of water. Otherwise, fatigue quickly sets in, then coordination of movements is disturbed, and muscle cramps can even occur. This is due to the fact that the concentration of salt in a dehydrated body rises sharply, and this complicates the work of the heart. Regular intake of water before, during and after sports will help to avoid dehydration.
* Insufficient water intake also affects the appearance of a person: pale skin, acne, cellulite, dry elbows, and heels – all this awaits those who rarely replenish their water balance.

The effect of water on the body when losing weight

Water is an essential component of all life on Earth. For example, a person consists of an average of 65% water. In our body, 70% of the fluid is concentrated in the cells, and the rest is extracellular water. Due to thirst, digestion and blood formation are disrupted, and this greatly affects the metabolic rate.
The role of water is very significant: only with a sufficient amount of drinking liquid can you lose weight without bouts of wild hunger, the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and saggy skin.

⦁ Water is able to satisfy hunger, or rather, thirst, similar to it in sensations. The fact is that the areas of the brain that control these two senses are in the neighborhood. That is why instead of two sips of liquid, I want to send a satisfying sandwich into my mouth. But there is a solution: do not rush to start eating, drink half a glass of water first and wait a bit. If you then want to have a bite, the feeling of hunger is probably not imaginary.
⦁ Water speeds up metabolism. It is involved in the breakdown of fats and other biochemical processes. The liquid brings nutrients to the cells of the body and takes waste from them. The influence of pure water becomes visible only after a while: when it is lacking, the process of getting rid of extra pounds proceeds more slowly. Those who torment themselves with thirst do not burn fat, but muscle mass. For the breakdown of lipids, a large amount of liquid is necessary (this process is very toxic). Otherwise, we can expect lethargy, headache and a desire to return to eating harmful food.
⦁ Drinking water minimizes the risk of negative effects of weight loss on the skin. Collagen and elastin, supporting its elasticity and smoothness, require a lot of moisture. So that the skin does not sag during weight loss, drink plenty of fluids. The water inside moisturizes the dermis by 80%, while creams and serums can do this outside only by 20%.
⦁ Liquid saves from edema. It would seem that everything should be different, but no: lymph and blood become thicker with a lack of water and rise worse through the vessels from the extremities. As a result, the legs swell, which subsequently causes cellulite. To avoid this, drink the bulk of the water in the morning.

⦁ Water helps digestion. The fluids necessary for the digestion of food (bile, saliva, gastric juice) cannot be formed without it. A glass of water half an hour before a meal helps to solve this problem.
⦁ Water makes workouts more comfortable. With a lack of fluid, the blood performs a transport function worse, as a result of which the cells starve, and we feel a breakdown. How much water helps during training, will make it clear the fatigue that occurs if you do not drink during sports. Trainers advise distributing half a liter of water in several receptions, and not drink everything in one gulp before physical exertion.

3 popular slimming water recipe

Slimming water with lemon and limewater with lemon

2 liters of filtered water;
1 lime;
1 medium-sized cucumber;
1 lemon
2 bunches of fresh mint;
ginger root (grated or in powder form).
Cut lemon, cucumber and lime into thin circles and add them along with ginger and mint to the water. Next, place the container with the drink in a cool place at night. In order to lose weight, you should drink the entire resulting cocktail during the next day.

Water with ginger, lemon and honey

2 liters of water;
grated ginger root;
a bunch of mints;
1 lemon
green tea;
aromatic spices to taste;
For the correct preparation of the drink, boil the kettle, and while the water is cooling, grate the ginger root, put it in a heat-resistant container and squeeze the lemon juice there, as well as add spices, tea and honey. When the water has cooled, fill it with the mixture. After the drink is infused, it can be drunk both warm and cold.

Water with Kiwi and Strawberrieswater with strwberry

2 liters of filtered water;
2 kiwi;
a handful of strawberries.
Such a drink will be extremely useful for salt lovers because kiwi helps remove excess sodium from the body. Strawberries contain a lot of fiber, in addition, it is considered a thunderstorm of free radicals and a source of healthy potassium.



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