Vitamin C and Immunity

vitamin c

 Importance of Vitamin C  for Immunity

What does it mean to boost immunity? We live in a world of bacteria and viruses that attack us all the time. But we don’t feel sick all the time. This means that our immunity successfully fights off the appearance of enemies. To boost immunity means to bring it into a state of increased combat readiness. And of course, in this state, immunity cannot remain constant.


Let’s take a look at how human immunity works. of

We have three lines of defense.

The first line is mechanical, the first barrier is like a fence. These are our skin, lips, oral cavity, mucous membranes, nasopharynx, bronchi.
In the second line of defense, the second barrier is at the cellular level. Our cell, each individually capable of fighting off the pathogen virus or bacteria.
In addition, we have special warrior cells in the body that help affected cells fight off invaders. And these immunity warrior cells are stimulated in response to infection with a viral or bacterial infection. They move to the place where the pathogen invasion occurred and induce (stimulate) local immunity. Interferon is part of this second line of defense, a rapid response system.
The third line of defense is antibody protection. Antibodies are produced specifically for each individual pathogen. Let’s take a look at this defense using military technology as an example: virus cells or bacteria attacked our bodies. The third line of defense is to produce some sort of anti-aircraft defensive installations. If the tank cells invade, the third line of defense is to produce artillery anti-tank weapons. The third line of defense can be compared with the military-industrial complex.
It takes a long time to produce defensive antibody weapons, but if the weapon is launched, it works fine. The third line of defense requires two weeks with good immunity in young people and those who have good health. With age, function decreases immunity. Therefore, it takes longer to develop antibodies. The same applies to people with congenital or acquired immunodeficiency.

How can we boost (strengthen) immunity?

There are many different remedies. For example, if you take drugs such as ginseng, radiola rosea root, or any adaptogens of this type, you will certainly increase your immunity in response to this drug. But the increase will not last forever. It will hold for some time, and then the body will get used to this level of anxiety that you send to it and will respond calmly, naturally. That is, it is undesirable to constantly stimulate immunity. When, at what point do you need to boost immunity? Ideally, a week before any virus attacks you, but how to guess this moment is another story. It’s impossible to accurately guess this moment. However, if you increase your immunity all the time, then there’s some kind of the time it falls to a lower level than the level from which you started.

What is the role of vitamin C in enhancing our immunity?

Vitamin C does not boost our immunity, it has a completely different function. And most people for some reason do not know about it. Vitamin C is involved in the destruction of our weak cells. There is nothing awful about this. This is part of the program of cell life. If a cell is damaged or severely weak, this cell triggers its own self-destruction mechanism. According to this program, 50-70 billion cells die every day in our bodies.
And this is in the absence of any virus or bacteria. 0.3 percent of our cells are cleaned out of our bodies every day. The weakest cells naturally die first. Vitamin C speeds up the process of killing weak and infected cells, helping to quickly update the tissues of our body. An infected cell may die itself, but in this case, the virus will break through the cell membrane and come out, affecting the body. If the cell is slightly affected by the virus, then the virus gradually buds from the membrane of the affected cell. Such a cell can produce the virus for a long time until it is depleted.
In such affected and virus-producing cells, vitamin C launches a self-destruction program. It helps to make the right choice in favor of the body. The infected cell begins to shrink, some parts of it self-digest. Then immune cells come to the rescue, which destroys it to the end.

When to take Vitamin C

It makes sense to drink vitamin C if you know that you have been attacked by a virus. For example, if you live with someone who is already sick. Or you would be in contact with an infected person. Most likely you already have the virus and you are incubating the incubation period. During the incubation period, the reproduction of a virus occurs.
Vitamin C helps to reduce its reproduction. If you use vitamin C during the incubation phase, the disease will go much easier.
If you are healthy, you have no contact with the infected and there is no risk of catching an infection, then drinking vitamin C is pretty pointless. Drink vitamin A at the first sign of malaise or in situations where there is a real possibility that you are infected.

Is Vitamin C Safe in Tablets and Powders? pills in the box

Yes, it’s safe. Unless you have contraindications such as impaired iron metabolism, known as hemochromatosis, or oxalate kidney stones. If you want to get more effect from taking a powder or vitamin C pill, then it is better to dissolve 1 gram of vitamin in a liter of water and consume it throughout the day. Then the digestibility of the vitamin will be much higher than if you just drink it at a time. You should not eat more than one gram of vitamin C per day. And of course, do not forget about vegetables and fruits rich in this vitamin.

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