Treatment for sore throat – alternative home remedies

sore throat

How to cure sore throat without going to a doctor

A scratchy, sore throat can come from air conditioning, cold weather, an ice cold drink, or a virus. You can cure a sore throat at home without going to the doctor or pharmacy. But home remedies help only at the beginning of the illness. If the disease has already developed seriously, it is better to see a doctor.  And importantly! Treating your throat with home remedies – don’t be lazy and don’t forget to repeat the procedure several times a day.
The easiest and very effective remedy for a sore throat is to gargle with sea salt and baking soda.
The effectiveness of gargling a sore throat with such solutions is that it cleanses the mouth from harmful microorganisms and secretions. This home remedy has no side effects.

Recipes for gargle solutions for sore throats

How to prepare a solution for gargling a sore throat at home?
All we need is warm water, baking soda powder, sea salt, iodine and chamomile.

Baking Soda solution

Proportions: dilute 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 cup of warm water. This solution is useful for the laryngeal mucosa.

 A solution of sea salt

Proportions: half a teaspoon of salt dissolved in 1 cup of warm water. The salt solution helps to relieve inflammation in the throat.

A solution of soda and iodine.

baking soda for sore throat

Proportions: 1 teaspoon of soda per 1 cup of warm water. Add 2-3 drops of iodine (do not exceed the dose) and mix all ingredients.

A solution of salt and iodine

Proportion: 1 teaspoon of salt and 2-3 drops of iodine (do not exceed the dose) per 1 cup of warm water.

Soda, salt and iodine solution for the throat

Proportion: dilute 1 teaspoon of soda, 1 teaspoon of salt and 2-3 drops of iodine in 1.5 glasses of warm water.

A decoction of chamomile for sore throat

chamomile for soar throat

Proportions: 1 tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers pour 1 cup of boiling water. Infuse for 10 minutes. Strain, make sure that the decoction is not hot, but slightly warm! Gargle your throat.

Gargling of a sore throat should be done several times a day (5-6) times. The most important thing is the regularity of the procedures in order to get an effective result of the treatment. Do not forget that home remedies for sore throat are effective only in the initial stages of the disease. And if you feel that your condition worsens it is necessary to consult a doctor.

What foods help a sore throat?

Honey, cinnamon and turmeric for sore throat are the most popular natural remedies. Turmeric milk aka Golden milk it is not only a healing but also a delicious drink. Warm water with lemon relieves inflammation and sore throat. Remember that with a sore throat, all drinks should be warm, but not too cold or too hot.



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