Why should you start drinking Rooibos Tea

rooibos tea

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos does not contain tea leaves – it is rather a phyton drink. However, for convenience, this tonic and the fragrant infusion are commonly called tea.
The drink is prepared from young shoots and leaves of a linear apparatus – a shrub that grows in the South African Cederberg Western Cape. South Africa, in terms of rooibos, is a monopolist: attempts to grow bushes in Australia and South America have been unsuccessful.

Rooibos of South Africa became known in 1772. It is believed that in Europe, Dr. Annick Theron was the first to talk about this plant. Theron made the first discoveries of the healing properties of rooibos in 1968. With the infusion of warm tea, she administered her little daughter, who was severely allergic. Annik was surprised by the soothing and healing effect of the African drink. Her studies have shown that rooibos relieves irritation from allergies, helps with insomnia and even relieves newborns from intestinal colic.rooibos tea
In 1997, Theron received an award from the World Intellectual Property Organization for discovering and researching rooibos. In 1974, Theron developed the first rooibos-based Annique Rooibos Health and Skincare Products company. Annique, based in Pretoria, South Africa, currently produces a wide range of cosmetic products based on rooibos extracts.

The healing properties of rooibos

The uniqueness of the beneficial properties of the South African plant is undeniable. Rooibos helps with stomach ulcers, nausea, heartburn, constipation. One cup of brewed rooibos relieves insomnia and relieves headaches. Rooibos does not contain caffeine, so it has a calming effect on the central nervous system. Daily consumption of rooibos helps improve digestion and even weight loss.

The composition of the rooibos:

* flavonoids – antioxidants that “cleanse” the body, neutralize and remove toxins; By the way, the  content of antioxidants in this tea is 50% higher than in green varieties;
* tetracycline – a natural antiseptic that helps fight colds;
* trace elements: iron, fluorine, calcium, zinc and other components necessary for the normal  functioning of the body;
* glucose – a nutrient that makes the drink sweet;
* vitamins of group A, B, C, D, E;
* essential oils soothe and relax;
* phenol carboxylic acid helps to invigorate, energizes.


. The high fluoride content in the drink strengthens the teeth and gums. Rooibos does not contain oxalic acid, so it is recommended for people with kidney stones.
The infusion of warm rooibos relieves colic, intestinal cramps in newborns and solves problems in restoring sleep patterns. Rooibos is widely used for cosmetic purposes. Rooibos is a universal drink. It can be drunk both in cold and in hot form, with sugar, honey, milk, lemon or with the addition of pieces of fruit. In winter, rooibos tea with ginger, honey, and lemon is the best home remedy for colds.

As it does not have caffeine, this drink is useful for adults and children, pregnant and lactating women.

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