Propolis: Medical Properties And Contraindications


 Propolis – Fount of Health

Nature is built very wisely – for a long time a person could do without pharmacological preparations, supporting and restoring his health exclusively by what Mother Earth gave him.
All kinds of herbs, roots and other natural substances coped with the most severe viruses and bacteria, relieved fever, and helped with fever and intestinal disorders.
One of these “founts of health” is propolis – a natural substance that is not only rich in vitamins and minerals to support vital functions but also has truly magical medicinal properties.


What is propolis?

The natural beekeeping product, which is called bee glue or propolis, is a kind of gummy sticky substance that is obtained by mixing beeswax and saliva with natural juice from natural sources – trees, leaves, flowers, buds, etc. Propolis is used by insects as a kind of putty, with the help of which they close up all the cracks and holes in their hive, making it less susceptible to winds and temperature extremes.
However, recent studies in the field of beekeeping have shown that bees survive well in unshielded propolis hives during the winter. So why do insects need this life-giving substance? The answer lies in the antibacterial and protective properties of the substance:
1. Bee glue prevents the entry of pathogens into the hive, inhibits the growth of fungus and disinfects surfaces.
2. Although the bees are extremely clean, they are not always able to completely clear their hive. The corpses of small rodents that accidentally fell into the hive, they are hermetically packed in a kind of propolis cocoon, thereby preventing the process of decay. As a result, the decomposing body is simply mummified and will not become the object of infection and unpleasant odor inside the hive.
3. Naturally, the adhesive structure strengthens the foundation of the hive, reduces vibration and makes it more durable.


Most often, propolis has a yellow-brown color, however, this characteristic may vary depending on the natural component. So, there is bee glue of dark red, black, milk and even green shades. Only one thing remains unchanged – its unique composition. Mostly propolis is a combination of the following ingredients:
natural resins;
herbal balms;
essential oils;
lipophilic acaricide.

Under normal conditions, the physical properties of propolis remain unchanged: it is a sticky mass. However, at low temperatures, it quickly hardens, after which it can be cut or broken into small pieces for storage.

Propolis properties. Composition

Depending on the characteristics of insects and their place of residence, propolis may include about 50 different components, but the amount of vitamins, mineral complexes, and other useful ingredients remains at a consistently high level. This medicinal product contains:

provitamin A;
B, C, E vitamins;
amino acids;
organic acids (coumaric, coffee, cinnamon);
a nicotinic acid;
benzoic acid;

Thanks to such a balanced natural composition, propolis has unique healing properties: it is used as an immunomodulating, i antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral agent, it is considered one of the best medicines for many ailments and helps to cope with vitamin deficiency and loss of strength.

Propolis: healing properties

The health benefits of propolis are truly invaluable. This effect is achieved through a combination of the following properties:
wound healing


Propolis in its pure form or as water tinctures has a tonic and restorative effect. He is able to relieve fatigue, stimulate the production of energy and as if to awaken a “second wind”. In addition, many studies confirm that regular use of bee glue in any available form significantly reduces the first signs of aging, improves metabolism and keeps the body in good shape, despite the passport age.
This effect is provided by numerous antioxidants that protect against the harmful effects of the environment, cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, and awaken internal reserves. A rich vitamin cocktail complements the anti-aging effect.

In addition, propolis significantly reduces the severity of stress, has a calming effect and suppresses the level of anxiety. Thanks to this, a person is easier to tolerate stressful situations, copes with unexpected outbursts of emotions and controls his impulses. And since most diseases are somehow related to the shaken nervous system, this effect is really valuable, especially for residents of modern megalopolises, most of which is spent in psychological stress.
Propolis, the use of which is especially important in the season of incidence, copes with the destruction of pathogenic bacteria, among which are:

flu virus
herpes virus
tubercle bacillus,
fungi and yeast
chickenpox virus, etc

Despite the fact that the composition of propolis varies depending on the area, its antiviral and antibacterial properties remain at a consistently high level. This activity is achieved due to the high percentage of flavonoids, which are considered one of the best natural remedies for colds and flu. And although propolis is considered to be a medicine, there will be no harm if used for prophylactic purposes, especially at the peak of the incidence rate – this way you can protect yourself from unpleasant symptoms and maintain health and vitality.

Propolis use

Knowing the beneficial properties of bee glue, it is easy to assume that its use is recommended for many diseases. And indeed, in addition to the expected colds, the use of propolis is indicated in the presence of the following diagnoses:

1. Arterial hypertension. The extracts that make up this beekeeping product inhibit the production of a particular enzyme and thereby lower blood pressure.
2. Stomach ulcer. Since propolis has a wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect, getting into the stomach, it soothes the mucous membrane, relieves unpleasant symptoms and promotes the healing of ulcers.
3. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Caffeic acid, which is found in excess in bee glue, inhibits the destruction of bone tissue, restores its density and increases resistance to external influences.
4. Allergic reactions. The substances contained in the bee “medicine” act as antihistamines, suppressing allergy symptoms.
5. Food poisoning. Propolis is able to quickly and delicately cleanse the body of toxins that cause poisoning, relieve intoxication symptoms and restore normal microflora.
6. Skin defects: ulcers, warts, burns, fungus, etc. Bee glue cleanses the skin, restores its integrity and promotes the rapid healing of even the most serious injuries.
7. Gynecological abnormalities: thrush, vaginal herpes, endometriosis, etc. Propolis in the composition of ointments or suppositories is an effective remedy against “female” diseases of an infectious and inflammatory nature. In this case, the substance is safe even during pregnancy (in the absence of contraindications).


In what cases is propolis contraindicated?

1. For allergic reactions to beekeeping products, coniferous extracts, poplar fluff and pollen from flowering plants. In one concentration or another, all of these substances can be part of bee glue, and therefore cause hypersensitivity in allergies
2. With poor blood coagulation, as well as before surgical interventions. Propolis can slow the formation of platelets and, as a result, blood coagulation. With an initially lowered rate of blood coagulation, it is better not to risk it, especially in anticipation of operations – it would be wise to abandon propolis, replacing it with other useful products of natural origin.
3. During lactation (in case the baby is allergic). If a child is prone to allergic reactions from birth, they will have to refuse bee glue during feeding so as not to provoke additional exacerbations in the baby.

The benefits of propolis to the body

Propolis is a substance unique in its composition and healing effect, which in nature simply has no equal. Using it as a medicine or prophylactic, you can maintain and increase your health, put off old age for a long box, remain strong, calm and balanced in any stressful situation, be full of energy and strength even after a tiring hard day and never get to know depression.

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