Vitamin C and Immunity

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 Importance of Vitamin C  for Immunity

What does it mean to boost immunity? We live in a world of bacteria and viruses that attack us all the time. But we don’t feel sick all the time. This means that our immunity successfully fights off the appearance of enemies. To boost immunity means to bring it into a state of increased combat readiness. And of course, in this state, immunity cannot remain constant.


Let’s take a look at how human immunity works. of

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How to Boost Immune System For an Adult at Home?

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What are immunity and the causes of decreased immunity


Our immune system consists of several organs. It:

1. Tonsils and adenoids.
2. Thymus gland – thymus.
3. Lymph nodes.
4. The spleen.
5. The appendix.
6. Peye records in the intestine.
7. Bone marrow.

All of them produce or accumulate our main protective cells – lymphocytes (white blood cells).
As soon as the body is attacked by an infection, that is, pathogenic bacteria, microbes, viruses enter it, then the lymphocytes begin to produce antibodies. These proteins are the weapons of our immunity – they attack the “invaders” and enter into battle with them. If the immune system is healthy, the lymphocytes are strong and there are a lot of them, then the body leaves the fight as a winner. Lymphocytes have an “immune memory.” This means that if the microbe already seen once by them enters the body again, lymphocytes already meet it with a large number of antibodies and win faster and easier. Vaccinations are based on this principle. Read More

Benefits of fresh herbs


Healthy properties of Fresh Herbs

Vitamins and minerals found in fresh herbs are essential for the healthy functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular and biliary system, as well as for the human psyche. The leaves and shoots of many plants help people with weakened immune systems recover from illnesses and operations. In addition, certain varieties of fresh herbs have antimicrobial properties, making them considered beneficial to the human body.

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Water For Weight Loss: An Effective Way To Achieve a Slim Figure

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 Water for weight loss

Many nutritionists authoritatively claim that water is the sure key to getting rid of extra pounds. And this is difficult to argue because it does not contain calories and is actively involved in the reduction of body fat. waterfall

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Why should you start drinking Rooibos Tea

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Rooibos Tea

Rooibos does not contain tea leaves – it is rather a phyton drink. However, for convenience, this tonic and the fragrant infusion are commonly called tea.
The drink is prepared from young shoots and leaves of a linear apparatus – a shrub that grows in the South African Cederberg Western Cape. South Africa, in terms of rooibos, is a monopolist: attempts to grow bushes in Australia and South America have been unsuccessful.

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What Is Aniseed Good For?


Where does aniseed come from?

Our amazing nature is rich in various miracle plants that have the ability to deal with all sorts of ailments of man. One of these natural wonders is anise.
Latin name: Pimpinella anisum
The seeds of this flower were discovered in buildings that belonged to the stone age. This suggests that resorted to the treatment of diseases with this plant a long time ago. It is believed that the homeland of anise is Lebanon.

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Benefits Of Meditation


What is meditation?

Meditation is an ancient technique used by practitioners of the past and present for spiritual development, self-improvement, and searching for answers to such important questions as “who am I”, “what is my purpose and tasks”. The pace of life is accelerating, more and more information is coming to us from outside, and in order not to “drown” in the bustle of the modern world, mastering the techniques of meditation.
Teachers of the past have preserved for us universal methods that are suitable for both men and women and allow us to gradually approach our true self, free ourselves from ignorance, stereotypical thinking and behavior, find inner peace and balance.ation is becoming more and more important. Read More

What Are The Health Benefits Of Cardamom?

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 The Health Benefits Of Cardamom Seeds

Spice – cardamom – has been known since ancient times. Even in ancient times, this spice was supplied to Europe by the Phoenicians and Arabs.
Cardamom is grown in India, Sri Lanka, on the island of Java – in countries with a tropical climate. It is used in the preparation of various dishes, has a specific rich burning, spicy and spicy taste. Cardamom has also found application in cosmetology and medicine. Read More

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