Mauritius – Tropical Paradise


In harmony with nature

If you are a lover of holiday away from noisy parties, in harmony with nature, if you enjoy the tropics and the ocean, then the island of Mauritius is your next vacation destination.
Mauritius is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean, 900 km east of Madagascar.
Here is a laid-back style of life, smiling locals – Creoles, tropical vegetation, beautiful white sand beaches, emerald clear ocean water, low mountains and extremely tasty local rum.
This is the real paradise that you saw in the magazines and on TV. Many celebrities like to vacation and honeymoon on this blessed island in the Indian Ocean.
There are no big hotels. All hotels are mostly boutique hotels, hidden in the gardens. They are not cheap and not suitable for everyone. But you can always find not so expensive apartments through Airbnb, which are rented by locals.
Mauritius is a pretty safe place. Locals speak Creole and French and those who work with tourists speak English too.
Mauritius has a rich history. This archipelago was a Portuguese, Dutch, French and English colony. Slaves from Africa and indentured labourers from India were brought in during the colonies. Mauritius did not gain independence until 1968.

What to do and see in Mauritius

It’s best to travel around the island during your vacation, visiting several places. You can rent a car or take a local cab. The cheapest and most uncomfortable option is buses. They take a long time and you can be sure to get covered by dust at the end of the trip.

Diving and Snorkeling

diving, snorkling

It’s a paradise for lovers of diving and snorkeling. The authorities of Mauritius are very careful about the purity of the ocean. So a rich underwater world is guaranteed.
The island is surrounded by a coral reef, so the sharks stay behind the natural barrier, and you can swim safely. You will meet not only different colorful tropical fish, but large stingrays, sea turtles and dolphins as well.
And if you’re an extreme diver, there are shark diving and shipwreck visits for you.

Waterfalls and Mountains

There are several waterfalls on the island. The most famous of them is the Chamarel Waterfall. It is the highest one on Mauritius plunges more than 100 meters down against a scenic backdrop of forests and mountains.

Chamarel Waterfall

Do you like trekking in the mountains?
A lot of different agencies can offer you routes of varying difficulty. One of the popular routes is the “7 waterfalls”. Also, many routes include zip lines, canyoning. You can climb to the top of Le Morn, Le Pouce or Pieter Boch, by yourself or with a professional guide. Magnificent views are guaranteed.

Local flavor

If you are interested in exotic architecture or looking for spirituality, visit Hindu temples. There are many on the island and they are open to all. All world religions are represented on the island: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

The local colorful markets are also an interesting sight. Taste the local cuisine, which of course is dominated by seafood, but there is a mix of Indian, African and European cuisine as well. Local fruits are so delicious! Have you ever tried bread tree fruit? And the local pineapple is the best.
Don’t forget the Mauritian rum. Homemade rum is infused with different fruits, often with spices like vanilla or cinnamon. But you can’t find this kind of rum in the supermarket – make friends with the locals and maybe you’ll get to try it.

And finally

Would you like to see a rare taking your breath away beautiful natural phenomenon?
The name of this phenomenon is the Mauritius Underwater Waterfall. You must book a Helicopter Tour. Better if you book it with other people, so it won’t be very expensive.
The beautiful underwater waterfall, an optical illusion, is located near the shores of Le Morn Brabant in the South-West of Mauritius.

Underwater Waterfall Mauritius
What causes an underwater waterfall? The illusion is the result of the movement of sand and silt sediment under the influence of powerful underwater currents.
The view of the Underwater Waterfall is absolutely breathtaking when seen from a helicopter and by many, it is considered A TRUE WONDER NOT TO BE MISSED.


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