Natural Way To Live

Living in Harmonybalance

Would you like to start living more consciously, in harmony with nature and the universe? Pay attention to the following important aspects of everyday life.

What are you eating?


Your body is the house you live in. A healthy body is a healthy mind. Take care of your body. The quality of food is crucial for health. Understanding what you eat will gradually lead you to an organic eating style.

Pay attention to the weekly list of products that you buy at the supermarket.
Pre-cooked and packaged foods contain a huge amount of synthetic additives, dyes, and preservatives. Try to replace them with fresh organic vegetables and fruits, free-range meat and fresh fish.
Choose vegetable oils instead of margarine and ready-made sauces.
The more food has been pre-processed, the more vitamins and minerals have been lost.

Do you know how to deal with your stress?


One of the reasons for our dependence on fast food is stress. When stress levels culminate, we try to distract ourselves with junk food. What is harmful to our
health and does not help in reducing stress.
When things get out of hand, focus on your breathing. Yoga, meditation, sports, dancing, and singing help reduce stress and negativity in everyday life.

Self-carewater and girl

Probably the most ideal approach to evade illness is to deal with yourself. That implies getting enough rest and doing what you can to decrease worry in your life. Find out what self-care resembles for you and find a way to get it going. Herbs, essential oils, supplements like echinacea are our defense against illness. We rarely have to go to the doctor.



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