Health Benefits Of Cinnamon


Types of Cinnamon The bark of several species of cinnamon trees of the laurel family used as a dried spice. Four types are best known: Ceylon cinnamon, Chinese cinnamon, Malabar cinnamon, and cinnamon.

Is Black Pepper Good For Your Health?

black pepper

Black pepper is the world’s most traded spice and is one of the most common spices added to cuisines around the world. Ground dried and cooked peppercorns have been used since antiquity, both for flavor and as traditional medicine. It is cultivated in India, Sri…

Health Benefits of Brown Rice.

brown rice

Brown rice is a highly nutritious, gluten-free grain that contains an impressive amount of vitamins, minerals, and beneficial compounds. It is good for the heart, aids digestion and may reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Swapping refined grains like white rice…

Dalay Lama About Meditation

lotus on water

Defenition of meditation “This is a bit like a river that is flowing quite strongly, in which you cannot see the riverbed very clearly.  If, however, there was some way you could stop the flow in both directions, from where the water is coming…

Vegetables and Fruits High in Protein

proein for vegans

 Vegs and Fruits as a Protein Sources Protein is associated with animal products such as meat, fish, and eggs. Vegetable protein is thought to be found primarily in grains, seeds, and nuts. However, there are many vegetables and fruits that are high in protein….

What is a meditation and why it is important?

Here are some definitions of meditations according to different Spirituals Teachers and Gurus. Sadhguru Sadhguru’s ideology on meditation deviates from the contemporary view of meditation as a process. Rather, Sadhguru avers, meditation is not something one can do, rather what one can be.   What is meditation? Sadhguru’s…


lemon water

  The most famous drinks that help burn fat and remove toxins from your body. Drinks that naturally speed up the process of losing weight.

Natural Antibiotics


As a country, we have turned out to be reliant on anti-biotics pills. This outcome in medication safe microscopic organisms and other “superbugs” that continue evolving quicker than researchers have the opportunity to look into, making it difficult to ward them off. Anti-biotics pills were not generally the arrangement since they were just invented in the 1940s. Prior to that, our predecessors utilized a wide range of foods and herbs that are known to shield your wellbeing, free infections and prevent illnesses from spreading. Indeed, numerous comprehensive specialists still practice these kinds of anti-microbial medications instead of resorting to pills.

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