Treatment for sore throat – alternative home remedies

sore throat

How to cure sore throat without going to a doctor A scratchy, sore throat can come from air conditioning, cold weather, an ice cold drink, or a virus. You can cure a sore throat at home without going to the doctor or pharmacy. But…

What are the benefits of Gua Sha?

gua sha

For the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the brain and lungs can be used in ancient Chinese massage Gua Sha. Its effectiveness has been proven in practice, and if the massage rules are followed, side effects are very rare. But how exactly…

Homemade Mask for Hair Growth and Shine

black hair

Homemade mask for hair We want to share with you a recipe for a chic mask for strengthening and growing hair. This mask can be considered legendary, as it has been known for several decades and has not lost its relevance. Many women still…

How to make anti-aging homemade mask for face

facial cleaning mask

How to look beautiful without spending huge sums on expensive creams and procedures. Take a look at the kitchen-this is your laboratory and beauty salon. All organic ingredients are free of preservatives, artificial colors and odors in your refrigerator and kitchen table.

Vitamin C and Immunity

vitamin c

 Importance of Vitamin C  for Immunity What does it mean to boost immunity? We live in a world of bacteria and viruses that attack us all the time. But we don’t feel sick all the time. This means that our immunity successfully fights off…

How to Boost Immune System For an Adult at Home?

sport girl

What are immunity and the causes of decreased immunity   Our immune system consists of several organs. It: 1. Tonsils and adenoids. 2. Thymus gland – thymus. 3. Lymph nodes. 4. The spleen. 5. The appendix. 6. Peye records in the intestine. 7. Bone…

Water For Weight Loss: An Effective Way To Achieve a Slim Figure

waterfall and woman

 Water for weight loss Many nutritionists authoritatively claim that water is the sure key to getting rid of extra pounds. And this is difficult to argue because it does not contain calories and is actively involved in the reduction of body fat.

Why should you start drinking Rooibos Tea

rooibos tea

Rooibos Tea Rooibos does not contain tea leaves – it is rather a phyton drink. However, for convenience, this tonic and the fragrant infusion are commonly called tea. The drink is prepared from young shoots and leaves of a linear apparatus – a shrub…

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