What if you got yourself a parrot?


 Mental well-being in a time of crises. We are going through a difficult period of economic, social and health crises. Many moments that we used to enjoy before, such as international travel, collective celebrations, family reunions, big sports and cultural events, are temporarily unavailable…

Positive impact of pets on humans

cats and dogs

Animal therapy or zootherapy is a positive effect of animals on human health. How do animals affect us? Observe yourself. When you pet a cat or dog, what happens to you? It becomes easier for you to communicate with those who are with you…

Benefits Of Meditation


What is meditation? Meditation is an ancient technique used by practitioners of the past and present for spiritual development, self-improvement, and searching for answers to such important questions as “who am I”, “what is my purpose and tasks”. The pace of life is accelerating,…

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