Treatment for sore throat – alternative home remedies

sore throat

How to cure sore throat without going to a doctor

A scratchy, sore throat can come from air conditioning, cold weather, an ice cold drink, or a virus. You can cure a sore throat at home without going to the doctor or pharmacy. But home remedies help only at the beginning of the illness. If the disease has already developed seriously, it is better to see a doctor.  And importantly! Treating your throat with home remedies – don’t be lazy and don’t forget to repeat the procedure several times a day. Read More

What if you got yourself a parrot?


 Mental well-being in a time of crises.

We are going through a difficult period of economic, social and health crises. Many moments that we used to enjoy before, such as international travel, collective celebrations, family reunions, big sports and cultural events, are temporarily unavailable to us.
It is very important to remain calm, keep peace of mind and mental equilibrium during such turbulent times. Read More

Mauritius – Tropical Paradise


In harmony with nature

If you are a lover of holiday away from noisy parties, in harmony with nature, if you enjoy the tropics and the ocean, then the island of Mauritius is your next vacation destination.
Mauritius is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean, 900 km east of Madagascar.
Here is a laid-back style of life, smiling locals – Creoles, tropical vegetation, beautiful white sand beaches, emerald clear ocean water, low mountains and extremely tasty local rum. Read More

5 Reasons to do Rock- climbing

rock climbing

Have you tried rock climbing?

Coronavirus Pandemic has significantly changed the way we live our daily lives. We are experiencing many negative restrictions. And the best way to fight it is to find the positive side in the negative.
I live in a mountainous area. I like wild nature and practice mountain sports. But with the advent of coronavirus, the mountains were loved even by those people who did not know about their existence. Read More

Positive impact of pets on humans

cats and dogs

Animal therapy or zootherapy is a positive effect of animals on human health.

How do animals affect us?

Observe yourself. When you pet a cat or dog, what happens to you? It becomes easier for you to communicate with those who are with you at that moment, you calm down, your thoughts are lined up in a certain order, unpleasant emotions disappear. These are observations. But from the point of view of physiology, the human body relieves muscle tension, improves digestion, reduces pressure, many pleasantly falling to sleep. Read More

What are the benefits of Gua Sha?

gua sha

For the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the brain and lungs can be used in ancient Chinese massage Gua Sha. Its effectiveness has been proven in practice, and if the massage rules are followed, side effects are very rare. But how exactly is the massage done? What tools does a master need to perform all the necessary movements? And is it possible to do it yourself at home? What stone is the best for Gua Sha? These questions will be discussed below. Read More

Homemade Mask for Hair Growth and Shine

black hair

Homemade mask for hair

We want to share with you a recipe for a chic mask for strengthening and growing hair. This mask can be considered legendary, as it has been known for several decades and has not lost its relevance. Many women still use it today.
Hair after its use becomes thicker, smoother, silky, and shinier. Read More

How to make anti-aging homemade mask for face

facial cleaning mask

How to look beautiful without spending huge sums on expensive creams and procedures.

Take a look at the kitchen-this is your laboratory and beauty salon. All organic ingredients are free of preservatives, artificial colors and odors in your refrigerator and kitchen table. Read More

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